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Think about it. Of any of the coming years in your life, you probably have the most downtime now. Why wait until you retire? Learn violin now. We teach all levels, even if you've never touched a violin, or any instrument, before in your life.

Live Violin Classes

Most students need one-on-one help to master the violin. This has been the tradition for centuries with good reason. Choose your favorite instructor with our private lessons that never expire. Now that lessons are online during Coviid, we can service students from all around the world. Violin, Fiddle, Viola and Cello Classes available at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 

Private Lessons Group Classes

Self-Guided Courses

On a budget with time or money? Teach yourself violin at a fraction of the cost of hiring a private teacher, with the same quality of lessons. The head of the studio walks you through learning violin every step of the way, just as she would in private lessons. These courses are cheaper than one-on-one instruction, but will excellently guide you through the basics one video and PDF at a time.

Start with the Absolute Beginner Violin Course and learn and practice the basics, and work your way through the Beginner course where you will learn the last 2 strings. Work your way through the Late Beginner course by learning every single note on the violin, and the Intermediate Course where you willl earn every single Major and Minor Scale and Arpeggio! Every course comes with PDFs and Practice Videos to guide you through every single lesson.

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Sheet Music Library

This library was compiled specifically for adult beginner and intermediate students. Get ready to rock your world with classics such as Kashmir, Game of Thrones theme song, Beatles songs, and lots more,. We also dive in Classical pieces composed specifically for violin., pieces by such composer as Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Last, and definitely not least, we have etudes, exercises and scales laid out for you with accompanying practice videos for nearly all PDFs, in every category. Subscribe to gain monthly access, with the added bonus of a free membership in the Violin Community!

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Spring Semester Group Class Starts In:

Starts February 2nd! Save your seat today.









Make more progress than ever before.

We bring together adults of all ages to play violin together online. Every student tells us they're happy to be able to see everyone each week, and that's it's the highlight of their week!

We can't promise you it'll be the same as in-person ensemble playing, but we can promise you that you'll have some fun.

This semester we have a special curriculum where you will hear all the student parts put together in each class. It's going to be a blast!

There is also a possibility that the semester will go Hybrid once the rates go down in NYC. This benefits everyone, both in-person and online.

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